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6xc dies

We have sent computers home with many of our office staff and we will be answering e-mail from home. If you are working with an individual in customer service, their e-mail remains the same. Unfortunately, we cannot process repairs during this time but we will do our best to assist via email. We thank you for your understanding during this difficult time and we pray for our nation and all those in it.

Designed by Star Web page. Go to product Get Our Catalog. Download our catalog or Request a Catalog View our catalog by clicking the graphic above, or right-click and save the catalog to your computer. You must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. Click here to download a free copy. R eloading is our only business. We are not just a small piece of a large corporation, so we are committed to producing the best possible products.

Over the past five years we purchased and installed in 12 new pieces of American Made CNC Machinery to keep pace with rising market demand.

In that same period, we completed a major facility expansion allowing us to increase our warehousing and distribution operations to keep pace with today's growing reloading market.

W e are proud to continue our path of growth here in rural Upstate New York, where we create good jobs and opportunity by building and selling our American Made reloading products throughout the world. We have a large number of veterans in our workforce and are pleased to have those who served, as a critical part of our growing team.

We are equally proud to serve you, our customer who understands and appreciates that important difference as well. Reloading equipment for rifles, handguns, pistols, revolvers, custom dies, bullet casting equipment, powder measuring and weighing equipment, bullet seating dies.This was done to allow use of a.

The 6mmX sizing die was made by shortening a. We then took a. The 6XC degree case shoulder cartridge came about as a natural progression from shooting the original 6mmX. The 6XC has some features which I feel are more desirable compared to the 6mmX. The cartridge case body length is 0. This means that a 6XC chamber reamer now cuts the base of the case closer to the original. Shortening the case body also allows for less longitudinal length stretching during fire-forming.

This will result in the 6mmXC having a greater case life more firings. I have found that velocities attainable with the 6XC are equivalent to those attainable using. Barrel life is much better than. The gr 6mm from DTAC is an outstanding projectile—inherently accurate, easy to tune, and slippery in the wind. This combination— grainer in 6XC case—is a proven winner.

Forster Reloading Dies: Overview and Setup featuring 6.5 Creedmoor

Is the 6XC for you? Consider these credentials:. This means that a Cross-course shooter can now use one rifle and one cartridge for all events. Case neck length is. DTAC bullet seated. This allows one to keep seating the bullet outward as the throat wears and yet have plenty of case support for the bullet over the life of the barrel. I have used less than. Seating the gr bullet about.

I just try to eliminate any overly thick necks or high spots. This means that if you shoot the DTAC at fps verses the Sierra at fps then the drift at yards is virtually the same. We suggest you use a. All of my long range loads are seated long and are pushed back into the case upon the closing of the T2K bolt. Likewise, all of my long range loads are full-length resized each and every time approximately. I used the.Forums New posts Trending Search forums. Media New media New comments Search media.

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Feb 14, 11 2 6 North Carolina.

Accuracy Reloading

I'm looking for a set of FL bushing sizing dies and micrometer seater optional Will the standard Redding Type S dies work well with this? The case diameter is slightly larger on the XC II if I remember correctly, and I don't want to overwork my brass, or have super sticky dies when resizing. Feb 10, 7, 5, Central TX. Pretty much everything in the last forever has been the ii reamer.

The normal redding dies you buy will be just fine. Thanks for the help! Apr 20, 38 34 McAllen, TX. Quick question pal, how did that go for you? I'm on the same boat, and I wanted to see what your experience was before I shell bucks, thanks in advance for your help!

They work fine. The sizing is slightly tougher than a regular sizing die, but not by any reasonable margin.

6xc dies

May 4, 40 34 35 Morgantown, WV. Reactions: hacabrera Bravo6niner Private Belligerents. Oct 30, 49 Colorado. Bravo6niner said:.NOthat offers videos for long-range hunters and marksmen.

6xc dies

The THLR. NO channel offers solid advice on scopes, reticles, wind-reading, field positions, and much more. In addition the THLR. NO channel provides good advice on stalking techniques and hunting skills. Here are some recent videos that can help any rifleman. It illustrates proper hand-hold and head position, and shows how to stay steady when breaking the shot. Even competition shooters can learn a few things. This field video shows how to observe natural indicators — trees and vegetation — to estimate wind velocity.

Then it shows how to calculate hold-offs using the reticle hash-marks. If you like these three videos, there are hundreds more on the THLR. NO YouTube channel. This impressive outdoors video features Thomas Haugland and Ulf Lindroth.

Here is a preview:. Looking for the single best hardware upgrade that will improve inherent accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency? The Ruger barrel attachment system allows correct headspace with a pre-chambered barrel. Both these Krieger RPR Pre-Fits feature muzzles with factory-spec thread so you can re-install the factory muzzle brake.

Do You Like H? Some guys report slightly better accuracy than H in the. If you currently use H, you should definitely give Alliant Reloder 16 a try. The powder also boasts excellent lot-to-lot consistency and contains a proprietary de-coppering additive.

Reloder 16 is a completely new formulationproduced in Sweden by Bofors for Alliant. Reloder 16 utilizes TZ technology, which manipulates the response of the propellant and resists the natural tendency to generate more pressure at higher temperatures and less pressure at lower temperatures. NOTE: This is a partial. More loads available HERE. Believe it or not, young Sydnie won the first rifle match she shot, competing as an 8-year-old against adults.

Here is her remarkable story…. Sydnie Lipski has grown up surrounded by the shooting sports in Michigan. Her father, Alan Lipski, is a gunsmith who began teaching her about rifles and shooting when she was just 3 years old.

By the time she was 6, she had already started varmint hunting. At just 8 years of age, Sydnie won her first rifle match, competing against adults in an F-Open event. A year later, at 9 years old, Sydnie fired her first perfect score of X.As David describes it: "To go along with the 6mmXC round, I decided to produce a custom sizing die that had features that surpassed those of even the newer generation neck bushing style sizers.

The goal was not only to make 6mmXC an easy proposition for any shooter, but also to ensure that he could produce championship-level ammo for it. Bushing 1 - a. On our sizing die, both the neck and shoulder are included in the bushing, not just the neck. This is a better design because it allows excess sizing lubricant a place to escape and not make a dimple on the shoulder of the case.

By having an integral neck and shoulder bushing, the entire case neck is able to be resized, unlike a neck bushing full-length sizing die in which the very bottom of the case neck is never resized. Plus, having the neck and shoulder bushing consolidated is an asset to alignment and preservation of concentricity in the sizing operation. The Tubb 6XC FL Custom Sizing Die also comes with a gauge bushing, which is like a mic tool or a resize gauging tool that lets you measure exactly how much your case has been resized and thus determine cartridge case headspace when used in conjunction with a set of dial or digital calipers.

This is an extremely fine sizing die that will last forever if you keep the cases properly cleaned. Welcome visitor you can login or create an account. Description Reviews 2 Downloads 2 Videos 1. Extras Gift Vouchers Specials.Our knowledgeable Distributors can guide you through the selection process and help you review alternatives. Presently, we are open for business Please read our message to employees, customers and suppliers. All products proudly made in the United States of America.

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6xc dies

Search by caliber number and name. Example: Winchester Looking for a Distributor? New to Reloading? Case trimming, inside and outside deburring combined in one fast, easy step Now available Caliber for our 3-in-1 Case Mouth Cutters.

Serious gunsmiths and reloaders trust us.

6mm XC II sizing dies

You should too. Learn more Kansas City, KS.This article was originally published in the May, issue of Precision Shooting magazine.

What is the 6XC and why should we care about it? The 6XC is one of the latest in a long series of modified cases necked up to 6mm — a legacy that probably goes back as far as the itself and perhaps peaked in popularity with the Donaldson and Walker versions of the 6mm International. While those early efforts have faded from the scene, newer versions continue to crop up and chief among them today is the 6XC.

The photo right shows the 6XC between the 6BR and the 6. That achievement made many dedicated prone shooters take notice. Today, the 6XC is making inroads at prone matches from meters to yards.

While the 6XC has been closely associated with the Tubb rifle in which it is offered as a standard chambering, it is a simple enough matter to chamber any existing rifle with a 0.

Now that CIP standardization is in place and Norma is prodcing brass, I expect other makers to follow. I ordered a reamer from PTG with a 1? The standard Henriksen reamer is made with a 0? While the shallower leade angle seems to be gaining some popularity in various High Power oriented reamers, I have yet to see a cogent explanation of why it might be better. There are those who argue for and against the shallower leade angle each claiming that it will give longer or shorter throat life, more or less accuracy.

Until I see a valid direct comparison, I will remain tradition-bound at 1? I selected the 0. Subsequently, when the Norma 6XC brass became available I found this dimension to be too tight as the 6XC brass has a slightly thicker neck. Turning the 6XC case necks to 0.

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Cartridge Brass 6XC Spec and Reformed The brass cartridge case is, of course, the heart and soul of any discussion of a new cartridge and in the case of the 6XC it has also been its Achilles heel. Over the past three years, there have been three separate batches of this US made brass and all have different internal volume so proceed with caution on load data when using Tubb headstamp brass.

To further complicate matters, delivery times on orders have at times exceeded two years aggravating potential customers to the brink of despair. More than one competitor I interviewed gave up on the 6XC over the brass issue.

Since latehowever, Norma has imported 6XC brass into the US and it is of their usual high quality. Both prices are reasonable compared to other premium European-made cartridge brass. However, we would like to see Norma sell 6XC brass through all of their usual distributors; we can only hope for such a decision to be made. Though the good Norma brass is now available, much of the brass being fired in 6XC chambers today remains reformed brass of various makes.

Remington, Winchester and Norma brass are readily available and all are suitable for reforming; we will examine all three in Table 1 below. Prior to the arrival of the Norma 6XC brass, my primary choice in brass was Norma because of its great uniformity in case and neck thickness as well as weight and volume.

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